Automatically Choosing Desktop Wallpaper With Music, Revisited

In early 2017 I wrote a silly Python script called Wall of Sound that chose desktop wallpaper for you from Flickr which was based on the lyrics of the currently playing song. Why? Well, why not? Music has always inspired visual art[1], and while machines can’t really interpret art, perhaps a few algorithms can help […]


I would like to sing praises to the delightful condiment known as chimichurri, an oil and herb based sauce from South America that accompanies meat-based dishes. I’ve only recently tried it, after getting a recipe from a Gordon Ramsay video. With a pestle and mortar, we crush garlic together with coarse salt and sugar, then […]

Landing The Perseverance Rover On Mars

NASA just successfully landed another robot on Mars! After the “seven minutes of terror”, where the spacecraft had to perform the EDL (entry, landing and descent) maneuver entirely using its programmed automation, the Perseverance rover successfully touched down on the Mars. After the spacecraft hit the Martian atmosphere, it oriented itself toward the landing site, […]