Today we continue with our Penang food tour!

For lunch I had one of my regular favorites, Uncle Kin’s (confusingly, sometimes called Uncle King, even on their website) chili pan mee noodles. Although the dish didn’t originate in Malaysia, it is very popular here thanks to the large Hakka community especially in Penang. The major ingredients are handmade noodles, a protein, a runny egg, anchovies, and chili.

At Uncle Kin’s they make a version with chicken and fresh handmade noodles every day. The spiciness is off the charts though, you’ll need a frozen dessert to have it with or your tongue will catch fire. There is a non-spicy variant of this dish, as well as an option to add more spice with an optional chili paste they give you on the side. It also comes with a soup made with fish balls.

They have many outlets, though the one I always go to is in Queensbay Mall at the south of Penang, which is consistently good.

Spicy noodles and soup.
Mix up the pan mee noodles and you’re ready to go.

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