I always enjoy Spotify’s annual year-end event where they make a little slideshow about your listening habits. Now, I’ve always loved violins. Growing up as a nerdy kid, you fall in love with Star Wars and did those films have excellent music, which I listened to on cassette on a Walkman in my youth. John Williams loves violins so he made sure his fans loved violins too. Later on I learned to love violins in a different way; when I discovered folk/roots/Americana music and was blown away by fiddle-playing.

But now with Spotify tracking your song-listening, I now have data that can correctly illustrate the ratio of my love for violins-as-violins versus violins-as-fiddles. Here it is, illustrated as a sandwich where both pieces of bread are whole baguettes.

My musical choices as a sandwich

I don’t know when I became more of a fiddle enthusiast, but it sure is a great genre. You can never be sad listening to a fiddle.

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