I have to admit, like many others, I find ChatGPT to be extremely amusing. My latest prompt is thus:

Write me a poem, in iambic pentameter, a lament for a truck that is stuck under the low-clearance bridge on Storrow Drive in Boston. Include references to Dunkin’ Donuts, the Red Sox, and Paul Revere.

And so ChatGPT came up with this:

Oh, hapless truck, thy fate is quite severe,
Stuck fast beneath the low-clearance bridge here,
Thy journey halted, progress now denied,
As traffic rumbles on from every side.

With Dunkin' Donuts cups strewn 'cross thy floor,
Thou must have been a weary traveler before,
Perhaps with coffee in hand, and haste in thy heart,
Heading to Boston for a new day's start.

But now, alas, thy hopes are dashed and gone,
Like Red Sox dreams in seasons that have drawn,
To bitter close, with no triumph to show,
And disappointment etched on every face's glow.

Thou art, perchance, a modern Paul Revere,
Alerting all to danger drawing near,
A warning to heed, a caution to take,
And steer clear of the bridge that doth make
So many travelers, like thee, to wait,
Their journey paused, their plans to recalibrate.

So rest thee now, dear truck, beneath the span,
A testament to the power of one's plan,
And also to the randomness of fate,
That can so quickly bring a halt to one's gait.

Not the best poem I’ve ever read, but for a machine it delivers some pretty chuckle-worthy results. The AI doesn’t quite get the meter and rhythm correct, I imagine even I could do better. I remember as a kid I used to laugh at madlibs, I guess this is the advanced AI version of that. Human poets don’t have much to worry about though, at least not from this.

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